This DVD combines unique cine film of Colchester, old photos, stories from the Gazette archives, and the recollections of former residents to paint a fascinating picture of life in bygone Colchester.

It also reveals the hidden stories behind some of the town’s well known institutions; for example, military occasions are now an accepted part of Colchester tradition, but, for our Victorian forebears, coming to terms with the impact of becoming a garrison town was difficult to say the least, as the pages of the Gazette reveal.

Among the many events from Colchester’s past recalled in the DVD are the 1884 earthquake; the grand opening of Castle Park; the introduction of the electric tramway; the bombing of the town by Zeppelin airships in World War 1; and the unveiling of the War Memorial in Cowdray Crescent.

In a special feature on the Second World War, the DVD draws on the recollections of Eric John Rudsdale.

Rudsdale spent the duration of the war here and kept a diary of his experiences.

This engaging journey through time is produced exclusively for the Gazette and is narrated by award winning actor, Howard Ellison. The running time is approximately 50 minutes and the price is £15.50.


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